The Crown

The Crown

It's almost hard to believe the monsters that roam this farm.

The Haven

58 acres previously owned - SOLD!!!

This was G4's first farm ever purchased, but with several years of scouting, stand placement, and overall improvements including wagon blinds, tower blind, and approved food plots - there was much value added for that next buyer.


If you are looking for improvements to add value to your farm, our track record is paramount and are net returns are excellent.

Location:  East of Indianola, Warren County


Stands: 4 ladder stands


Blinds: 1 popup, 1 wagon


Food Plots: 3 - forage beans, clover, brassicas


Funnels and draws are the best way to describe this farm.  It sets up well for many winds and sees a lot of deer traffic.  The wagon blind over the food plot provides and excellent youth and late season muzzie set up.  Producing several large bucks the past 3 years along with countless oppurtunities on smaller bucks and does, this farm is the perfect set up.  It's easily accessible yet tucked away where the big boys roam.  The pictures speak for themselves!!!