Land Investment

G4 was founded in 2012 by individuals dedicated to sharing their passion of the outdoors. Based in Norwalk, IA, we are active and enthusiastic real estate investors. Simply put, we love the art of Farm Flipping.

As a Freelance Land Consultant, I’ve had the good fortune of transforming my passion for the outdoors and working with people into a successful side hustle. I’m also incredibly privileged to have guided clients from all over the world on tours both locally and abroad.

My mission is to show a different side of the outdoor world to my clients, and to help them gain a better and deeper understanding of the sites and destinations we visit. If you’d like to experience G4, please get in touch so we can start creating the oppurtunity for you.

More Information

4 Farms

Southern Iowa Land

480 Acres

$62,000 Income

Row Crop, CRP, Leases